As an adult who was a homeschooled student, and as a mother who homeschools her children may I offer some words for those who have entered temporarily into forced homeschooling? You can take it or leave it. I’m still learning most of these everyday.

You don’t have to do it all. Settling into homeschooling takes more than 2-8 weeks.

Keep your home, your home. Learning at home isn’t supposed to feel like a classroom. Does working from home feel the same as working in an office? Classrooms are designed for groups of children, most of us only have a handful at home.

Let your kids have at least one week of “spring break” to rest and relax.

No matter what you do your kids will not stop learning. The biggest lesson they are learning will be from you and how you modeled life in chaotic times.

It’s ok for them to be bored sometimes – that usually comes right before they come up with something creative and new.

Read. Read to yourself. Read to your kids. Make your kids read to you, and to each other.

You know the saying “Don’t wake a sleeping baby”? Don’t interrupt playing kids. Real play is important. You have plenty of time for your lesson or planned activity.

Be present. Your presence and attention is a ministry and the biggest gift you can give right now.

You don’t actually have to stay busy, it is just more comfortable because it is what we know. Stillness is hard but worth it.

Give yourself and others grace.

You won’t be able to keep all the plates spinning all the time. That’s okay. No one can.

Take mom breaks. This is harder right now because we can’t leave the house as much but make sure to take time to refill your soul. Spend time in the Bible. Journal. Listen to audio books or podcasts. Take a walk or at the very least spend some time on your porch. Facetime a friend. You can do this!

P.S. I’m sorry. You are “homeschooling” under weird circumstances, and not getting the homeschool perks. Those of us who chose homeschooling had time to prepare and pick curriculum plans that fit our family. You have been thrown into a new hybrid of school. You are schooling at home, but not homeschooling. You are homeschooling without all the fun stuff – the daytime playground dates, field trips when and where you want, and flexible vacation. That’s a major bummer. However, you are still going to see some of the rewards. Family time, siblings that will probably still fight but grow closer to one another in this time. Memory making. Being there to witness the aha-lightbulb-I get it now- moment when your child understands something new. Savor those blessings. 

I’m cheering for you!

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